Fast ways to create content?

Most of us cannot blog weekly.

Plus, what if we cannot customize our website to even have a blog. What then?

Let’s look at a few work-arounds.

Online Tactic  – Curate Another Person’s Content


Most of us cannot blog daily or even weekly. Plus, what if we cannot customize our website? No blog ability at all… What then? Let’s look at a few work-arounds.

Use your social media posts to link to articles, videos, or podcasts from other quality sources that are timely and relevant. We become an expert curator for our audience. Our expertise is valuable. Be sure to:

  • Vet the article to confirm its quality, relevance, and value to your audience.
  • Credit and link to the original source. 
  • Confirm the content accessible without a subscription or registration. If not, then consider another source or summarize for those who cannot access.
  • Help your reader quickly grasps the relevancy by adding your own post comment or a short quote from the article that conveys the main idea or a key point.
  • Make our post comment a statement that provides value and reflects your expertise.
  • Remember you’re providing value when you curate content in a way that uses your reader’s time well.
  • When sharing content that belongs to other people, you are linking people away from you instead of keeping them engaged with you on your website or social platform.
  • Automated services exist to help you curate content, but caution on letting a robot post articles and memes for you. Ask yourself if the process they offer gives you control to do what is listed above.

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