Three Video Tutorials: Facebook Ad Campaigns, Audiences & Ad Sets

I build web and social media systems to maximize online impact for small businesses.

See for details.

To set up Facebook Business Manager, go to Also use Facebook Blueprint Learning to get a feel for the many options with Facebook / Instagram ads.

If you plan to create Facebook Ad Campaigns, the three tutorial videos below we made in 2018 will help you get a feel for the Facebook Ad elements of Audiences, Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads.

Cheers and contact Terri if you need help!

Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.
More about “Ads Set” and ways to use them.
Facebook Audiences (3 Types).

Wait! There’s a Bonus Video!!

Below is a video for how to insert video captions to your videos on Facebook. It’s free and not technical. Yay!

If you upload your video to your Facebook Page you can easily add captions that will show on Facebook posts and ads and Instagram Ads.