Facebook / Instagram Ads Hit Your Mark

I’m here to help you reach people who are interested in your business via targeted Facebook and Instagram ads.

I create Facebook and Instagram ads that are targeted using data from your website, Facebook, Instagram, and other internal and external data sources and metrics. I create core audiences (crowds of people) who have expressed an interest in what you sell. We also create core, custom and even “look-alike” audiences (more crowds) who have behaviors and interests that correlate.  With this type of targeting, I get your ads to right people – usually while they are on their personal mobile devices.

I recommend that your local business initially approaches social media marketing by focusing on only one or two social media platforms and developing an overall strategy so you keep a focus. You do not need to hit all social media at once. Optimal results come from an ongoing monthly contract arrangement where I help you leverage Facebook/Instagram ads over time.

In the future, a successful local business owner will use a select set of social media better than their local competitors.

Based on what we’ve seen, a local business cannot get better reach online with better analytics for less money than properly designed Ad Sets created in Facebook Business Manager using well targeted Facebook Ads, especially Facebook Pixel Conversion Ads that work with your business’ website.

People are interested in your business. I’m here to help you find them. If you run a small or medium-sized business, we need to talk.

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By terri@magnotti.net