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Can I caption my videos on Facebook? Yes, it’s easy!

Create videos on Facebook and Instagram with mobile users in mind by captioning your videos in Facebook.

Silent video play with captions will get more views and engagement.

Whether your video is for organic reach or paid advertising on Facebook, you seek to reach and engage people, right? So help people engage with your content even if they’re on their smart phone and don’t have their earbuds with them (or maybe they do but don’t want to bother). The more people engage with your content, the more reach Facebook will give your post. You can even caption Facebook Live videos after they post in your Page’s Facebook video library.

If you don’t see this auto-generate option I demonstrate below while editing or uploading your video to your Facebook Page, then try switching to Facebook Business Manager. It rocks for so many reasons. Facebook rolls out capabilities to select users, and Facebook Business Manager users get priority. Some capabilities are restricted to Facebook Business Manager users permanently. Personal profile users never see them.

If you’re using Facebook for business networking and advertising, then switch from the blue personal profile to the grey Business Manager profile to manage your Facebook page(s). It’s free and worth the learning curve. You’ll never look back.

Auto-Generate Captions in Facebook

In this how-to video, I use Facebook Business Manager to auto-generate captions for a video. You may find the same capability in your personal Facebook profile when using Ads Manager.

Upload Captions

You can iclude captions with your video by uploading a SubRip (.srt) file. Instead of clicking “Auto-Generate”, you can click on “Upload SRT File”. You can even upload in multiple languages (whoa!). You’ll need to follow Facebook’s specific naming scheme for these .srt files. See How to Name your SubRip File in Facebook’s help. Be sure to review your captions before publishing.

If you need help with content ideas see “What Should I Post” for on overall content strategy and 5 posting tactics.

If you’ve already published a video with captions, but you didn’t review them first or you’re not pleased with how they turned out for some other reason, then here’s how you get rid of the captions. While editing your video, look below the “video captions” tab. You’ll see a grey box that says “Video Captions Applied”. Click “Remove”. Then click the “Generate Automatically” dropdown. You should see the the option to auto-generate, upload another .srt file, or you should also see a “no captions” as options.

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