Five Secrets of Facebook Marketing Pros


The best Facebook advertisers understand social ≠ search. 


The key differences between a social media platform such as Facebook and a search engine like Google are what leaves most new Facebook marketers frustrated: They run their Facebook ads similar to how they manage Google AdWords. And they shouldn’t.


Let’s walk through each of the five things elite Facebook advertisers do differently that you can adopt to elevate your social media marketing.


1. They carefully choose where their ads appear

2. They carefully choose who sees their ads

3. They carefully choose their Ads’ call to action

4. They carefully choose how to differentiate their ads

5. They continually test and update their ads

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For local businesses, personal knowledge of effective long-term Facebook marketing gives you access to affordable advertising. But, there are no shortcuts.  Avoid the fake likes and fake follower game.  Not only is it fraudulent, but it does not build real engagement or lead to conversions.

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-Terri Magnotti