How can I get people to my website?

Posts with meaningful content on any social media platform are an inexpensive way to drive traffic to our website.

Let the Content Do the Marketing…

Content marketing because it’s a proven method and it helps us generate almost endless content.

Who is This For?

In this blog series I discuss one content strategy and five social media tactics for small budgets. See also

Online Tactic – Posts That Link to a Landing Page


Posts on any social media platform are an inexpensive way to drive traffic to our website, blogs, or any other landing page (such as a LinkedIn blog or Facebook Page). Most social platforms allow a link in the post by pasting in the URL of the blog or landing page.

If what we post is timely and relevant to our audience, then our post and its expanded version on our landing page will provide value and lead qualified prospects to the consideration stage.

If you have budget to advertise, you can target and retarget specific audiences. Each social media platform offers an “ads manager” with various ways to define and create custom audience. The better you define your audience, the better you can create content that speaks to that audience.

Still, no targeting or ad format can make up for content that is lacking. And, when using a content marketing strategy, our content is lacking if it does not help our target audience solve a problem or provide some other type of immediate value.

  • Content creation takes time
  • Good content takes a strategy
  • Can be difficult to directly attribute to sales
  • Requires a lot of content and refresh
  • Some of us don’t have a website but we can use LinkedIn Articles or Facebook Instant Experiences as our landing pages. 
Tactics May Change but Content Is Always King

Content marketing gives us a long-term strategy for what to post. No matter what tactics we use (or don’t use) to deliver our message, content is king. So, provide value, solve people’s problems, and sales will take care of themselves.

For more social media posting tactics and the overall small busienss content strategy see:


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