Ransomware Message on Computer Screen


Over 70% of all successful cyber attacks begin with phishing.

Everyone is vulnerable to phishing attacks.

A Phishing cyber-attack is when a criminal threat-actor uses email or social media to trick you into an action, such as clicking on a malicious link or attachment.

Phishing is the most popular way that criminal threat-actors spread malware. It’s easy for a bad guy to setup a free email account and use it to anonymously launch an attack. And, it’s easy to get a malicious email into an unsuspecting person’s mailbox.

Ransomware is most frequently delivered via phishing techniques. Threat-actors also use phishing techniques to steal passwords. With stolen passwords, a criminal threat-actor could access your bank account and steal your money. Or, access your gmail account and pretend to be you.

If you use email and social media, you cannot eliminate totally the risk of a phishing cyber-attack.

However, we have good news. There are many ways to reduce your risk of infection and impact of a phishing attack.

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