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Can LinkedIn Articles help me?

LinkedIn articles are a great tool if you don’t have a website.


LinkedIn articles are a professional way to provide value to your audience with original content even if you do not have a website blog. Benefits and steps to getting started:

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  • If you have completed setting up your profile on LinkedIn, you can create a LinkedIn article.
  • To create a LinkedIn article, select the “Write an article” link underneath the section where you write a post (see image). Paste text or type text into LinkedIn’s user-friendly template.
  • LinkedIn articles are viewable to anyone, even if they do not have a LinkedIn profile or are not logged in to LinkedIn at the time.
  • LinkedIn articles allow images, links, font choices, and even the ability to embed rich text media such as a YouTube Video.
  • More complete how-to at Creating and Publishing articles on LinkedIn.
  • See also LinkedIn Learning for video courses on LinkedIn Articles

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LinkedIn articles become part of your professional LinkedIn profile. Once published they have their own URL, so you can share your LinkedIn article easily in a post on other social platforms by pasting in the URL. (Instagram only allows links in your profile description unless you are using paid ads. More on that later.)

  • LinkedIn articles are not available to Everyone. You need to already be established on LinkedIn and been given publishing capability needed to create a LinkedIn article. If you’re not already set up, LinkedIn has a guided profile creation process and a good help section if you get stuck. Once you have your profile established, you then can get the “Write an article on LinkedIn” option. Being on LinkedIn is essential if you are a B2B offering, so get it done.
  • No Tracking. LinkedIn articles do not allow us an easy way to track visitors using tracking pixels (for re-marketing purposes).
  • Before you publish, know of a social sharing bug. When social platforms like Facebook and Twitter get a URL, they have bots that crawl for code that defines what image and text to show in the article preview. LinkedIn is pesky about not allowing LinkedIn articles to be crawled repetitively or frequently.This means the image text present in your LinkedIn article when you first publish is how it will preview until LinkedIn lets your article be “crawled” again (in 30 days or so). So, use the “save” feature at first. When your image and text is totally finished then hit “publish”.Use the Facebook Crawler and Twitter’s Card Validator to see how they create your article’s preview and force a refresh if possible.
Let the Content Do the Marketing

My favorite social media posting strategy for small business is content marketing because it’s a proven method and it helps us generate. almost endless content for social media posts.

Who is This For?

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