Facebook & Instagram Ads – a Local Business’ Best Friend

Your local business gets the best reach and analytics for the least money with well-designed Ad Sets created in Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook’s ad auction algorithms give your local business’ message an advantage over national advertisers – if the local business’ ad creative and targeting is well constructed. The algorithms that control Facebook’s ad auctions consider ad quality and relevance. Because your local business is “local” it ranks higher in relevance. Facebook’s ad auction also considers the ad’s creative elements and specific audience targeting, so it takes some time and experimenting to find the right mix for the lowest ad-cost delivery.

Facebook/Instagram ad targeting is available to small and medium-sized businesses that invest the time to learn core and custom audience creation including the Facebook Pixel. It takes some ramp-up time, a content strategy, and a little learning, but it is time well spent. Once mastered, you will get your local business’ ads to the right people while they are on their personal devices. And most importantly, if these ads are constructed properly, they collect data for ad re-targeting in the future.

Combine these targeted Facebook/Instagram Ad Sets with active output on your social media pages to maintain authenticity. The sooner you begin your learning curve, the sooner you will realize your well-crafted Facebook / Instagram ads are your local business’ best friend.

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By terri@magnotti.net