Social Media Marketing Can Be a Pain!

Let’s put it on the table right now. Social media marketing can be a pain! The learning curve is daunting and these social platforms are moving targets packed with ways to waste money.

For example, Facebook is quick to throw that “boost” button at you, take your money, then leave you with unclear results. Sometimes you get what you want. Sometimes not. You don’t know why.

Recent changes in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithym make it harder for your business Page to reach people. Have you tried the “pay-for-likes-and-follows” game? Then, you know that scam got smacked down (it never really worked anyway).  Facebook Groups are good, but they require lots of time and appropriate content.

So, what should you do?

Years ago, and even today in some markets, you could make a big splash on Facebook by just posting and boosting. But today, if you’re advertising in Dallas or its northern suburbs like Flower Mound, Lewisville, Friso, or Plano, then you have more competition and a tougher audience.

Is Facebook worth the trouble? Yes!

Today’s Facebook audience engages less than in the past, yet they are there. We can see them in the many data points available in the Facebook Ads structure in Facebook Business Manager (which places and tracks Instagram ads also).

Facebook Ads give you many advantages including precise targeting, custom audiences, and immediate data on which to base decisions. In other words, with Facebook Ads we can see very quickly what is working and what needs tweaking. We can adjust quickly and not have waste time guessing. It’s effecient.

Facebook custom audiences

So, $500 spent with simple Facebook “boosting” is okay. But, $500 spent with targeted Facebook Ad campaigns using custom audiences is better. These well-crafted Facebook Ad campaigns are more likely to get your best message to the right audience.

Another time and budget consideration is getting a content strategy and  letting go of the idea that you have to be everywhere. You don’t.

Because the vast majority of social media users are on Facebook and/or Instagram, your best bet are ads designed to deliver to both Facebook and Instagram, which Facebook’s full business advertiser tool offers.

Facebook Ads are effecient because they allow the use of custom audiences, advanced targeting, Instagram delivery, and give you immediate data on which to evaluate your effectiveness.

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