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create, host, and manage WordPress websites designed with the organization and efficiency needed for strategic content, delivery, and refresh needed to leverage social media.

If you’re a business owner, you know efficiency is key… you cannot do it all. Together we will create your website strategy to anchor your social media output.


Your website will anchor your content delivery strategy. I will consult you on the website content needed and assist in the content creation process.


I help you get the right message to the right people at the right time via social media. Your website content will anchor our content delivery strategy.


I establish organization to facilitate efficient content refresh for your website and social media output.

How Much?

Please note that hosting your website is included in my pricing and is a prerequisite for engagement.

Initial Setup

Initial website creation starting at $325. WordPress platform with Typology theme. Or, $75 to migrate your existing WordPress site.


Website & social media maintenance via a monthly retainer between $150-$300. This includes content strategy, website hosting and maintenance, and social media output.

Web Hosting

Website hosting is included in my pricing above. Hosting your websites is a prerequisite for my engagement with your website and your social media.

Let’s Get Started!

A WordPress site is the heart of a professional Internet presence. I’ll help you create and manage a WordPress website that strategically connects to your social media posts.

With your Worpress site aligned with your social, you can strategically and tactfully reminded current customers of your offerings as well as reach new prospects. When they are ready to buy, they can easily link to your WordPress site for the additional information they need.

Let’s get started and set the stage for your future success online.

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