What to post?

The question I’m asked the most is, “What should I post to social media?”

It may seem like a simple question, but it’s not. It’s an issue of focus and strategy.

Let the Content Do the Marketing

My favorite social media posting strategy for small business is content marketing because it’s a proven method and it helps us generate almost endless content.

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Jessica Stansberry, a content marketing trainer with over 50K followers describes content marketing as “the strategy of putting out useful content and letting the content do the marketing for you.” She emphasizes to offer this valuable content for free because our content is selling for us.

It’s different than informational content we might call spam because it does not directly “pitch” but it does indirectly promotes sales.

The Content Marketing Institute says that “Useful content should be at the core of your marketing” if you want to “attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately drive profitable customer action.” They especially emphasize this for digital marketing saying, “Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.”

You may be thinking, “But I need to make sales now.” In her sales workshops, Alla Bardov says if we provide value and solve people’s problems then it will lead to sales. So, sell without selling – at least at first. 

Who is This For?

In this blog I discuss one content strategy and five social media tactics that work well for small budgets. I’m especially focused on business people who know they need a social media presence, but who have small (or zero) marketing budget. Regardless of which tactic(s) you choose, it’s important to establish reasonable expectations, reasonable goals, and stick with it.   

A note about reasonable expectations, especially hot leads and SEO:  If you are launching a new product or new business and you need gobs of hot leads right now or your goal is page-one Google results, then you should consult an ad agency and a high-quality SEO professional before you create a website or revamp an existing website. Big splash product launches and serious SEO include social media, but they also use many other strategies that are labor intensive and therefore expensive. 

One more note… about posts with personality.

Yes!! We all love a good meme or fun photo. Fun posts are a great way to supplement a content marketing and further connect with our audience. Natasa Djukanovic of Social Media Examiner gives tips for combining fun stuff with a business purpose. See 5 Way to Humanize Your Instagram Business Account. She gives us the right mindset for creating posts that are frequent, fun, and with a business purpose. I especially like her Tip #4 about staying true to the values of our company: 

Three Questions to Ask Before You Post

Even though small business owners don’t have staff to implement all Natasa discusses, I think her suggested posting mindset is what I find spot on. And the less time we have to post, the more important it is we have a strategy. This is not to overcomplicate things, but rather to find a focus or method so we can generate ideas.

Ok, now that we have an overall content strategy, let’s explore five tactics that will help us deliver our content. Regardless of which tactic(s) you choose, establish reasonable expectations, stay focused on realistic goals, and stick with it.

Just like healthy eating and exercise… take a long-term outlook so you don’t get frustrated and quit. Be fluid and adapt. Benefits may be hard to see on a daily basis, but your future self will thank you for plugging away at it between now and then. 

Five tactics for 2020
  1. Website with Blogs
  2. Posts That Link to a Landing Page
  3. Curate Other People’s Content
  4. LinkedIn Articles
  5. Facebook Instant Experiences


Tactics May Change but Content Is Always King

Content marketing gives us a long-term strategy for what to post. No matter what tactics we use (or don’t use) to deliver our message, content is king. So, provide value, solve people’s problems, and sales will take care of themselves.


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