Facebook Advertising for Business Owners

Leverage Facebook and Instagram advertising beyond competitors. Design, Launch, Learn with a Facebook Ad Campaign Specialist.

A Facebook Ads Specialist

How Business Owners Benefit...

Design | Launch | Learn

Campaign Design

Terri designs an ad campaign to get targeted reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram with efficient cost-per-click (CPP). 

(1-2 weeks)

Launch & Test

She launches the campaign and tests variables to reach optimal ad performance - drawing from Facebook metrics and website Google Analytics along the way. 

(6 months)



Terri teaches the business owner (or staff) how to maintain and update the  final version of the ad campaign. The result is a local business that leverages long-term cost-per-click (CPP) advertising beyond local competitors. 

(month 1 & 6)


Let's Go!

Let's DESIGN and LAUNCH your scaleable and sustainable Facebook / Instagram ad campaign now.

LEARN to maintain the campaign in-house for cost-effective ongoing advertising. Scale to any social media platform. 


Terri offers continued ad campaign management options... Let's discuss what's right for you.

Make Social Media Work For You

Design, Launch, and Learn with a Facebook Ad Campaign Specialist.


Maximize time & Budget

Magnotti.net LLC is an outsourcing solution for local business owners to improve efficiency and effectiveness with social media marketing. Terri specializes in Facebook / Instagram ads. She uses the latests and most effective Facebook campaign optimizations and content-creation to increase reach and engagment and obtain the most effienct cost-per-click (CPP). 


find a focus

Leveraging a well-designed Facebook Ad campaign is an affordable way to bring into focused a overall social media strategy. During the testing phase, Terri uses Facebook metrics and the business' existing website Google Analytics to find optimal ad performance. These metrics serve as inexpensive market research. The insight a business gains can lead to a strategic focus or angle for all social media platforms - for organic and paid reach content on Linked In, Twitter, and beyond.


Leverage the Social Media Audience

99% of traffic from paid social media advertising comes from mobile devices. Crafting the right message and visuals is key to engaging this short-attention-span audience. Terri draws on years of experience and completes months of testing to settle on the best performing campaign structure and ad creatives that meet the business' objective. This simplifies what the business owner or designated staff member must learn to maintain the campaign.

Make Facebook & Instagram Work For You

Design | Launch | Learn

Are you are a small business owner? Do you want to learn to leverage cost-per-click (CPP) advertising for your business?

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